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Lao Mountain Cafe

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Hi Steve, just wanted to drop you a quick note to let you know we are loving the new 60/40 coffee. We use drip coffee in the mornings and the 60/40 is full of flavour, smooth with no bitter after taste at all. Highly recommended!

--- Lee Sheridan ---


... just had my first cup. it's nice, well balanced, not too strong which is good for me because i drink several cups in the morning. i plan to gift the smaller bags to friends i used to give mine too. it was a great deal and very quick. i look forward to trying some of the others. thanks..

--- mary ann cheatham

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Our Coffee

All of our coffee is available in any roast, whole bean or ground. As a small specialty roaster, we can provide pure varietals, custom blends or our famous house blends:

Naga Blend Made with 100% arabica beans, this is our signature blend and is considered one of the finest coffees in Asia.

White Parasol A traditional washed arabica coffee, with elegant citrus and floral notes

Elephant Express Our Classic Italian style blend, a brilliant espresso, our most complex and compelling coffee

Peaberry A very special bean in very limited quantities - the best in Lao coffee 

Pure Arabica  Natural processed arabica for a bigger body with tropical fruit notes

Premium Arabica: A well balance coffee to start off the day. Our biggest seller for Hotel buffet

Made in Lao

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